Unique challenges require tailor made solutions.



Renowned chemist, Dmitri Mendeleev (1834-1907), understood before everyone else that atoms have their own grammatical rules, their mathematical way of interacting, with each element having its own specific property.

Our premise: individuals belong to various “categories of knowledge” and each person is characterised by his ability to collaborate, to find solutions, to invent, etc. These are the base elements of all strategic and creative processes.

MENDELEIEV relies on the interaction of these specialised elements, with various profiles working in different sectors of communications and marketing all gathered together in the same network.



Our agency uses its knowledge of the various elements to assemble the best skills for each project, and therefore create teams which are dedicated and deliver accurate, effective and original work.

With its inventive model, MENDELEIEV assigns a permanent core to a network of partners to create an innovation-generating workflow.

Mixing a cabinet type approach in marketing strategy with an agency approach in communications, we build tailor made solutions to the demands of our clients.



The communication plans of today are complex and interconnected. MENDELEIEV goes beyond simply providing ready-made answers by analysing your context, your demands and your issues.

Our structure provides integrated solutions which put creativity and innovation at the heart of its work to connect consumers to your brand and your enterprise to its ecosystem.

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In the automotive industry, Honda’s creative energy is indisputable. The Japanese car manufacturer is constantly pushing boundaries as reflected by the yearly significant developments in many of its models. New designs, technical innovations in engines, driving… Honda is always ready to step out of its comfort zone striving to move up market both its sedan and sports car segments.


Having developed a special relation in order to ship with Japan, our agency was commissioned to adapt the materials for the launch of the new Honda Accord and Civic. Mendeleiev made the best use of its bespoke transcreation service, using a team of specialised translator and copywriters.

The project required thorough technical understanding and accurate writing skills in order to make sometimes complex specifications accessible to all and to find the right words which would appeal to the French and North African market.




Tamron World Tour


> Strengthen visibility of 18-270 ,  The digital zoom flagship brand of the tourism and photography world.

> Generate maximum leads and game enrollments in order to create an ultra-qualified Opt’in file.



The 18-270 is the ideal lens for travel, conceived to adapt to all situations … The idea of the proposed scenario is to start from this assumption and put the user to the test! For, if the subject is the ally of choice, it’s the photographer’s job to get closer to his subjects by taking risks … The Tour takes players to six continents to confront dangerous or complex shoots, in order to have a true “product experience”. Up to him to use the right digital zoom function, to succeed his shots, have an enriching trip and participate in the draw of the game. A classic display and special operation devised to be relayed on tourism websites, with arch formats, banners and print ad in the trade press.



> 36000 1st time visitors within the 1st month

> 6000 joined the game, 10 winners

> +35% information and subscription requests on the product

> + 180% general subscriptions on social networks








Digital Brandbook 2015


How do you present Kenzo’s new collection of fragrances and personal care in an original and high quality way while disseminating varied and rich contents in line with the values and unique identity of the brand?

By proposing digitally accessible tool on all platforms targeted at journalists and specialists in the field of luxury…



The word immersion takes on all its meaning as the user, once having entered his access code, is immersed in the Kenzo world.

The headers are animated and all the elements move to create an almost palpable and sensory digital experience.

Apart from just the product references, you can also see presentations from Mr Takada himself, as well as from photographer Patrick Guedj, through short films, breath-taking images and poetry.


> see website :





Let Us Change The Lesson


> Conceive an effective campaign purely through out determination

Univerbal is an NGO that defends the rights of child solidiers, an unknown phenomenon in France, but in the rest of the world there are over 250 000 of these child soldiers.

Despite almost no budget, MENDELEIEV conceived an awareness campaign disseminated to the widest audience possible.



A creative idea and ideas to unify efforts around the project. To portray this scourge still present in the 21st century and engage with the public, we wanted to address the subject in a new way, without necessarily showing guns and blood… The creative idea : remind people that child soldiers are also students like all other children, the only difference is they learn war. To portray this idea visually and produce strong images which break the barrier between us and the reality, the teacher, a symbol of knowledge in the classroom, was replaced by a warlord. Many professionals participated in this project, with Mr Kassovitz, the project director, being the voice for the YV commercial. The campaign was launched on November 20th, Univerbal Children’s Day, to maximise impact and media coverage.



> + 80 K€ of print media space

> +120K € of TV avertissement space, with 3 months coverage on Euronews

> +250% of shares and subscriptions on Univerbal social networks

> More than one hour of media coverage : TV, radio





Every two years, the metalworkers association (Union des Métalliers) organises the Youth Metal Competition. This famous national competition is open to all inital vocational traning institutions offering metalwork courses. Teachers and students are asked to showcase the use of metals and its associated tehniques.

For its 10th edition, the competition’s focus is what the French call the ‘7th Art’ i.e. cinematic arts, a world which should inspire both creative and playful projects, and no longer imposing a specific theme. Over several months, the participants will be able to express their talent in a different area than constrution, architecture or interior design. Youth Metal thus offers a unique opportunity to raise the profile of training institutions and highlight the skills and know-how of metal working.

The agency designed the event’s visual identity and developed it across the advertising media, from poster to invitation. Priority was given to materials and textures, a conscious aesthetic stance combined with graphics reintroducing film visual and historical references. The overall approach is an invitation to project oneself into a vision of the ‘7th art’, both mechanical and timeless, a nod to ‘Modern Times’  connecting both industries.





Spyder 5 Launch


> Reinforce the presence and image of the brand in all photography medias

> Assist with the launch of a new product for the general public

> Develop and put in place trade marketing initiative in store and on line



Spyder solutions from Datacolor have been the benchmark for years in the area of colour management technology. The flagship product, a screen calibration system for the general public, Spyder, had its design, technology and position on the market renewed.

In order to reinforce Spyder’s presence on the French market MENDELEIEV assisted with the launch of this new version through a combination of communications’ initiatives, as well as reinforcing the image of the brand in eyes of identified consumer groups by presenting it as the benchmark solution in screen calibration. MENDELEIEV was therefore responsible for synchronising the launch plans, gaging the costs of media space and monitoring the initiatives put in place.



> Over 20% more powerful media coverage in most of the specialied sources

> 3 500 subscribers to launch webinars aiming Datacolor community

> + 18 % sales increase from previous launch




Omeyer’s Present

On 2015 February 1st, France becomes World Champion in Handball for the 5th time of its history. The team returns home in a blaze of glory and the PSG club awaits Thierry Omeyer with all due honour.


At the last minute his adopted club decides to present him with a gift reflecting the accomplishment. Something personal and unique. The PSG wants to present Omeyer with his stylised portrait.


With only a few days to design an original piece of graphic art, the ‘match’ seems quite tough… The search for a graphic style, work on picture, plywood fine art edition on aluminium Dibond.


The present will be given to the best goalkeeper in the world with much fanfare at the end of his first match back in his homeland.